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Seasonal Bedding Guide

Luxury BeddingJust as your clothing changes along with the seasons, it only makes sense to change your bedding as well. A few simple updates will keep you sleeping well, all year round. Read on to find out what should be changed, and when, to provide optimal sleep.

Spring & Summer

As the temperatures rise, most of us feel an urge to brighten our homes to match the changes in Mother Nature. Even clothing trends become lighter and breezier as the days lengthen. As soon as evening temperatures allow, this is a great time to replace your heavy blankets with a lighter option. Depending on the climate where you live, a down comforter could be a great year-round option. Down is known for keeping sleepers warm in cold weather, but is also highly breathable, and “adjusts” with the temperature (similar to cashmere). For this reason, many people choose to keep a lightweight down comforter on their bed year round, and add or remove any extra blankets as necessary. If you do opt for a down, or down alternative comforter, this is a great time to change your duvet to a solid white or floral option. If a comforter is not necessary in your climate, you'll want to keep a lightweight (in both look and feel) blanket on the foot of your bed. This provides a cozy look, and comes in handy for those occasional night chills.

This may also be a great time to consider changing your sheets, in either color or fabric. Egyptian cotton, while excellent year round, provides amazing breathability that you'll especially appreciate on warm nights. If you tend to be a "hot sleeper", bamboo could be the best fabric for you. Bamboo is known for its moisture wicking properties, and will absorb and evaporate moisture, keeping you cool and dry. Don't forget to select a color that feels appropriate for the season as well.

Fall & Winter

As we begin to feel a chill in the air, the allure of cozying up in bed becomes more and more appealing. Don't fight this urge! Instead, create a wonderful retreat that you can look forward to experiencing every night. If you use a down comforter year round, you may find that this will suffice for warmth in the winter. It's always a good idea to add a blanket or two, just in case. Be sure to select soft, touchable fabrics in warm, inviting colors. Update your duvet cover as well, if a deeper color will work well with your décor. You may also find that a down mattress topper is an excellent addition. While the soft feel of the mattress topper will be enjoyable all year, the down provides much needed extra insulation and comfort in cooler temperatures.

If you updated to a different style of sheets for your spring and summer needs, don't forget to rotate back to your winter sets. Egyptian cotton is wonderful any time of year, but this is also an excellent time to reap the benefits of wrinkle-resistant microfibers and cotton blends. If you've got an extra set of pillowcases lying around, pick up a couple of new pillows to create an especially comfy environment.

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