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Comparing the Most Popular Sheet Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian CottonEgyptian has established iteself as the finest and most luxurious cotton grown in the world. This long-staple cotton is softer, stronger, and more durable than other forms of cotton and has quickly become the preferred fiber for high-end luxury linens. However, not all cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton and not all Egyptian cotton sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton. In fact, most cotton sheets on the market today are made from Pima cotton or American Upland cotton. While common, these forms of cotton aren't nearly as soft as true long-staple Egyptian cotton. Because it's the longest strand of cotton available, sheets made from Egyptian cotton can produce an incredibly soft and supple weave which results in a set of sheets so luxurious you'll never have a bad night's sleep again.

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BambooYou may already know that bamboo is one of the most renewable materials available on the planet. For this very reason, bamboo has quickly become a very popular material in the manufacturing of many different types of products. In fact, bamboo has become the material of choice for making eco-friendly textiles and linens, sheets included. True organic bamboo sheets like ours are made from bamboo that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Because our bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic they have become a popular choice among allergy sufferers as well. Finally, bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials in existance. As a result, our bamboo sheets can withstand years of use and repeated washing and they just continue to get softer and more luxurious.

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Cotton Blend

Cotton BlendCotton blend has become a common alternative to the often expensive 100% cotton or 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. Cotton blend sheets combine the softness and comfort of natural fiber sheets with the affordability and strength of synthetic fibers like polyester. When you combine all-natural cotton with synthetic fibers you end up with a sheet set that is comfortable to sleep in and durable enough to last for many years. If you're in the market for a new set of sheets but you don't want to break the bank, consider a set of cotton blend sheets and enjoy the best of what natural fiber sheets have to offer with a price tag you can live with.

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MicrofiberMicrofiber is one of the most popular synthetic textile and linen materials used in the market today. It's become known as one of the softest synthetic fibers and is recognized as one of the strongest synthetic fibers ever developed. As a result, microfiber has found a home as the base for many household items from furniture upholstry to bed sheets. Our microfiber bed sheets are a great economical alternative to more expensive natural fiber sheets. Microfiber holds dye extremely well so our colored microfiber sheets are extremely vibrant and won't fade with washing. Finally, microfiber regulates heat naturally making microfiber sheets a great for year-round use.

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