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About Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber SheetsMicrofiber is a widely used synthetic fabric, most known for its durability. Modern microfibers are also incredibly soft, making them a popular alternative to natural fabrics. Best of all, microfiber is exceptionally affordable. When used in the production of linens, the benefits of microfiber truly shine.

Microfiber sheets are known for a wide array of positive features. Because microfiber is an incredibly fine fiber, the fabric has a soft, plush texture. While not as crisp as cotton, this fabric choice appeals to those who prefer a knit-like finish. This same quality also yields an incredibly wrinkle-resistant fabric that will stay smooth even after heavy use. Microfiber is also known for its moisture resistance and durability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking longevity from their sheet set.

Proper care will ensure that your microfiber sheet set stays in pristine condition. Be sure to wash your sheets in the coolest temperature possible, using cool or warm water for regular washings. Microfiber should not shrink, but the use of low heat in washing and drying cycles ensures protection of the fiber. Because of microfiber’s inherent wrinkle resistance, the sheets can be air dried if preferred. Fold and store your sheets as soon as they’ve dried to further prevent wrinkles. With the amazing affordability of microfiber sheets, you’ll want a set in every color!

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