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About Egyptian Cotton Sheets

CottonCotton has a long history of being the most popular linen fabric, and for good reason. Cotton offers many amazing features, making it an excellent choice for bedding. There are many types of cotton, but one is prized worldwide for being the most luxurious of them all: Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton offers all of the attributes that have made cotton so popular, while providing an added softness and strength.

Egyptian cotton has a longer staple, or fiber, than other cottons. This means that the resulting yarns are incredibly soft, with a luxuriously smooth feel. The fabric is also much stronger, which translates to durability and longevity. Cotton is known for its excellent color retention, and this is especially true of Egyptian cotton. Cotton is also less likely to stain than many other fabrics. These sheets are breathable as well, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable.

In addition to all of the above benefits of Egyptian cotton, this fabric is also extremely easy to wash and maintain. For best results, wash your sheets in cool or warm water with a gentle detergent. Only use hot water and bleach when necessary. When possible, wash your sheets separately from other items. This will prevent damage to the fibers from things like hooks and zippers. With proper care, Egyptian cotton sheets can last for many years and will only increase in softness with age.

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