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About Cotton Blend Sheets

Cotton Blend SheetsCan’t decide between cotton and synthetic fabric sheets? Cotton blend may be an excellent choice for you. Cotton blend sheets are typically a combination of cotton and a synthetic fiber, usually polyester. This allows the consumer to receive many of the benefits offered with 100% cotton, but at a lower price. While not the same as 100% cotton, cotton blends offer some unique benefits of their own.

Cotton is well known for its soft, luxurious texture. A high quality cotton blend will provide a similar feel. The introduction of a synthetic fiber will only enhance the strength and durability of cotton. Another excellent benefit to this type of blend is an inherent ability to resist wrinkles. If you prefer a crisp, smooth bed linen, this is an excellent option. Even after being used, a cotton blend sheet will have fewer wrinkles than its 100% cotton counterpart.

Cotton blend sheets are a brilliant marriage of natural and synthetic fibers. This combination enhances the individual attributes of each fiber, offering a stronger resulting fabric than either fabric alone could provide. Be sure to take proper care of your cotton blend, and you should have sheets that will last beautifully. Cotton blend sheets should be washed in warm or cool water when possible. Hot water may be used if necessary for sanitizing or removing stains. Dry your sheets on low to medium heat, and fold immediately to further reduce the likelihood or wrinkles.

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